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7 Small Bathroom Renovation Tips

Renovations can be tough, especially when you have to deal with a small home. Add functionality and personalise the premises at the same time. Sometimes you have to sacrifice functionality for fancy home decor or the other way around. The Bob’s refurbishment experts‘ll help you combine both, so you can tackle the makeover project.

1. Free Ground Space And Be Storage-Wise

Vertical Storage With Shelving

Avoid stuffing bathroom furniture all around the space. Choose sink cabinets which are installed right on the walls. This way you will free ground space for other items. Have vertical shelving units installed on the walls.

They will help you store all the items without stuffing cabinets and what not. Install towel racks near the sinks and shower to avoid piling towels up.

2. Choose Functional Bathroom Furniture With The Right Size

Furniture for Small Bathroom

You’ve made up your mind for a great piece of bathroom furniture, but will it fit the size of the premises?

To avoid a problem with size and space, take the dimensions of the space you’ve decided to place furniture. This way you’ll have a clear idea what you’re looking for when you go to the store.

You will be able to narrow your choice to something smaller, but practical which will still look great. If you don’t have good ideas for suitable furniture, you can always check big home improvement idea sites like Good Housekeeping.

To combine functionality and chic, buy a vessel sink cabinet. According to Cardiff Bathroom Fitters, the sink basin is on top of the cabinet and gives extra space to put various items around it.

3. Install Everything In The Right Height

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to reach the top shelf to get something. Avoid accidents from jumping all over the bathroom, install the shelves, hangers and similar in a spot. This way you can reach them without effort.

4. Use Light-Reflecting Surfaces

Light-Reflecting Surfaces in Tiny Bathrooms

If the bathroom does not have much natural light, try the following trick. Add items and tiles which reflect sunlight will make the bathroom brighter. More natural light will make the room look more spacious, as well.

5. Have The Right Lights Installed

Tiny Bathroom Lights

A lot of home owners think there’s not much of a difference between lighting types. They give out different type and strength of light. Bathroom lighting is specially designed to resist moisture, so there are no light-related problems. You can turn to LED lighting. It is strong enough to light up the whole premises and does not irritate the eyes. Once you’ve chosen a moisture and water-resistant lighting, you’d have to choose a place to install it. Have them installed as far as possible from the water sources, like showers but beware of poor electrical wiring issues.

6. Wallpapers Or Paint?

Vinyl-Coated Bathroom Wallpapers

Regardless of what you will choose, make sure both materials types are moisture resistant. When buying paint, make sure it’s gloss or seam gloss. Both paint types repel water and are easily cleanable. If you like wallcoverings better, choose vinyl. They are basically vinyl covered fabric wallpapers. This makes them ideal for this naturally humid room. Many of them have a label which says they’re scrubbable, so you can clean them if necessary.

7. Colours And Bathroom Decor

Bright Colours For a Small Bathroom

When it comes to adding colour to a small bathroom, there’s almost no limit. You can decorate it all-white with just a few colour pops and accessories. You could choose a bright colour-injected as focal point, use your imagination. The only thing you need to watch out about is colour-crowding. This will make your bathroom not only too kitchy, but will be irritating to the eyes as well.

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