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6 Ways to Soundproof Your Bedroom for Better Sleep

Bedroom SoundproofThere is nothing more irritating than noise stealing your sleep throughout the night. No matter how many earplugs or sound machines you try, you just can’t find peace and quiet.

Environmental noise that comes from traffic, airplanes and trains has been a significant challenge for the World Health Organisation, especially in Western Europe. In fact, a study conducted by the WHO in 2011 found that Western Europeans lose 1 million years of healthy life due to traffic-related noise. After all, eight hours of quality, uninterrupted sleep is necessary for processing the day’s learnings, restoration of the body’s cells and daytime performance.

If you are having trouble sleeping due to noise interruptions, it is important you take the appropriate actions to solve the problem.

The first step is to identify where the noise is coming from. Is the source of the racket interior or exterior? Although you may have more control over interior noise sources such as appliances, the TV or kids running around, there are a few easy projects that can help soundproof your bedroom so you can get your best night’s sleep every night.

Soft Surfaces Into Bedroom3 Ways to Eliminate Internal Noise Disruptions

When reducing noise inside your home, you want to look for sound absorbers. Here are three easy ways to minimise noise inside the home.

* Work soft surfaces into your bedroom

Soft surfaces absorb sound waves while hard surfaces reflect them. Different hard surfaces reflect sounds in different ways. The way wood reflects sound is different than tile. IF you have any spare leftovers to recycle, those could work.

Regardless of what types of hard surfaces are in your room, do your best to work in soft surfaces where you can. If your bedroom has hardwood or concrete floors, consider putting down an area rug to help absorb sound.

You may even consider getting a tufted headboard for your mattress rather than an oak bed frame. Another way you can help eliminate sound is by hanging curtains rather than using blinds. Not to mention, curtains can really add a facelift to any room!

* Turn off the appliances

Another common culprit for disturbed sleep are noisy appliances. Not only that you have to check the efficiency of units but often you have to cope with unpleasant sounds. If you can’t handle it yourself, consider calling Bobs Electricians for help. We’ve all had that one washing machine that seems to shake the whole house. If possible, avoid running appliances like the dishwasher or washing machine at bedtime. Although it can be the most convenient time to do these chores if your bedroom is on the lower level of your house and shares a wall with the kitchen or laundry room you will seriously regret it when you go to lay down.

* Add furniture to shared walls

Speaking of sharing walls, another way to absorb noise is by adding furniture to walls shared with a noisy room or the exterior of your house. Adding dressers and bookcases filled with books, clothes or linens will help block the noise coming into your room from the outside. Flat packed furniture is a great option here.

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep. Whether it’s noises, bed bugs, sleeplessness, or something else, sometimes it seems impossible to get the recommended 8 hours of sleep at night.

External Trees and Bushes3 Projects to Minimise External Noise Disruptions

Now that you have optimised your interior to keep noise levels low, here are three household projects you can complete to keep outside noise where it belongs – outside.

* Use weather strips

Weather strips are good for more than just keeping cold air out of your house. You can also utilise weather strips to help minimise noise. Use a weather stripping foam tape to create a better seal around doors and windows. This will limit the amount of sound that comes in. For assistance, consider the interior specialists from Bob’s Handyman Services.

* Give your windows a facelift

Glass is a great transmitter of noise. The best option for keeping outside noise from getting in is upgrading your windows; however, this option is not always economically feasible. Upgrading to a triple pane rather than a single pane will definitely keep things quieter. However, another more viable option is hanging heavy drapes, which will block noise from getting in. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the factors for window replacement and what you want to achieve.

* Plant trees and shrubs

If street noise is really bad and you want a long-term investment, opt to plant trees and shrubs to act as a noise barrier. Building a privacy hedge will block street noise from reaching your house.

If all else fails, try using ear plugs or a white noise machine to muffle the noise. At Bob’s Handyman Services we know that sleep quality has a huge impact on your overall health and wellness. If it is being interrupted, it is well worth investing in a solution. For our professional help throughout Manchester, Wigan, Stockport, Warrington, Chester, Liverpool, Crewe, Oldham, and Bolton, you should phone call our tradesmen in the area.

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