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7 Bed Types For A Stylish And Functional Home


There are two things that define every inch of your home – the very size of the living space and your lifestyle. So, in brief, you shape your home in accordance with what you need. This rule applies to furniture types, as well. However, the two basic factors which define the home furnishings for every room in your precious home are functionality and style. So, in the spirit of the National Bed Month Bob’s Handyman’s professional furniture assembly team would like to give you a few bed design ideas.

1. Platform Bed

Platform Bed

Most platform beds have a very contemporary design and are often included in minimalist bedrooms. Their average height is measured from mattress to floor and is approximately 18 inches or, in other words 45 cm. Some of you might find it rather odd, but in fact this height is in conformity with the average height from feet to knees when one sits on the bed. Most of these bed types are also very suitable for bedrooms where Oriental home décor predominates. So if you’re into this home décor style, a Ligne Roset Maly Bed would be a perfect addition to your room for rest.

2. Storage Beds

Storage Bed

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These are perfect for smaller homes where every inch is precious and must be used to its full capacity. These beds are, logically a little bit higher because of their storage compartments, but, at the same time, provide a great way to keep your personal items in order without stuffing your wardrobe.

3. Mattress-Only Beds

Mattress Only Bed

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If you want something a bit more different than classic bed designs, you should consider a floor bed. This type of bedroom furniture can sometimes go together with a short bed frame or without one at all. This one is suitable for small space apartments or those with more East-oriented home dеcor and many more, as it can match every taste.

4. Alcove Beds

Alcove Bed

These are especially suitable if you’d like to save space and keep the bed area more intimate, so to say. If you need to modify your basement or attic into a guest bedroom the alcove space is perfect to position the bed. You could remodel these spaces in a kid’s room. This spot will be ideal for their fortress, especially if you add a pair of curtains.

5. Murphy Beds

Wall Bed

Those wall beds are incredibly functional and cleverly designed to fit even the tiniest apartments and still provide enough space and comfort. When the bed is folded into the wall, you could sit on the couch under and afterwards enjoy a good night’s sleep by retracting it in a few seconds.

6. Classic Vintage Beds

Classic Vintage Bed

If you want to add a vintage feeling these beds are ideal for you. They’re characterised with a a little bit more than average height ans sometimes require a step to climb in. One of their best feature is they have extremely soft mattress.

7. Headboard Beds

Headboard Bed

If you wish your bed to look higher, get one with a headboard. You can choose between a headboards made of different materials, ranging from leather to wood or textile. This additional panel makes it possible to place the bed anywhere, even against the window. Thus, the strong sunlight won’t wake you up early in the morning.

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