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4 Brilliant Pranks For April Fool’s Day

Fool's Day

On the 1st of April every year the air is soaked with jolly and laughter. On this date we play a jokes on friends, colleagues at the office or a members of our family. If you have no idea what to do this year, our team has a few ideas we’d like to share and help you celebrate April Fool’s Day like a sir.

1. Strange Water Prank

Shower Head

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Disassemble the faucet cap and place food dye or a pellet from Easter colouring set. When you’re ready put the cap back and fasten it. When the water runs it will be coloured.

Another way you could startle your friends family members is to substitute the food or Easter Eggs dye with a bouillon cubes. But this time you can place it in the shower, as it will resolve with hot water.

2. Air Horn Alarm

Air Horn Prank

Just like in the cartoons you can scare somebody to death and have a hearty laugh. There are two ways you can “install” the air horn – under the office chair of a colleague or behind a door. For the purpose, you’ll need electrical tape. It will keep the horn fastened to the wall or chair. One thing you have to make sure is the horn will be pressed by opening the door or sitting on the chair.

3. Home Alone Fan Prank

Home Alone

Everybody has watched Home Alone and laughed out loud. For the purpose you’ll need a roll of shrink wrap a tube of glue, feathers ( you can use a pillow for that purpose), electric tape. Cut a few pieces of the electric tape and glue the shrink wrap on one side of the door. Make sure you’ll place it the right way, so it gets in your “victim’s face”. Stretch it to the other horizontal part of the door frame, cut and steady it with the tape. Apply glue on one of the sides. Place the pile of feathers in front of a fan and connect it to a string just like in the youtube video. When your friend or colleague enters the room, the result will be the same.

4. Hack The Bathroom Door Knob

Reverse The Door Knob For April Fool's Day

Most bathrooms have door knobs which allows everyone using the privacy lock of the knob. It works by freezing the rotation of the handle. The only thing you need to do is dismantling the hardware and reverse the knob. This way the locking mechanism part of the handle will be on the outside and you can lock whoever’ s using the bathroom.

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  1. Jodie Lloyd says:

    Some really wonderful info , Sword lily I found this. “No men can be lords of our faith, though they may be helpers of our joy.” by John Owen

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