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7 Brilliant Ideas To Get Rid Of Mould For Good

Get Rid Of Mould For Good

No matter what you did or still do to keep your home in a good condition, there always seems to appear a problem which is essential to deal with. Take mould as an example, this patient intruder looks harmless at first, but will gradually take over the house. Spores spread yucky smell everywhere and cause health problems which vary from allergies to severe lung infections and God knows what else. What is more, this silent disease-spreader will also ruin the appearance of the walls. There are a few measures you can take to tackle the problem by yourself or prevent it and a few factors which will help mould appear and spread all over.

1. Is Your New Home As Old As The Hills?

Mould problems are common in old structures. Most living spaces of “respectable age” go hand in hand with broken vents and extremely bad insulation. Be  careful and literally use your nose when you buy a house or apartment. If you’re on a home hunt and the residence has gone through a thorough renovation, your amateur nose won’t probably detect any suspicious smell.

2. Air Your Home

Home WindowIf your dwelling lacks proper airing because of broken vents, you can be sure the “spotted” intruder will make itself at home, like a boss. What you can do is air out your home two to three time per day. If you’re not comfortable with this idea, repair the ventilation system.

3. Humidity Destroyer

Condensed Moisture on Windows

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This common device,also known as moisture absorber, is definitely the easiest solution to your problem and will literally suck the life out of mould. These devices go at a reasonable price and are a very good investment.

4. Proper Heating

Room With a Fireplace

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To “fry” the intruder keep a constant temperature – higher than nineteen-twenty degrees Celsius. Thus mildew won’t appear, let alone thrive and spread around your household.

5. Home Insulation

If the space between your window frames and the surrounding wall is not well-sealed, it will let cold air in and cause condensation. Thus it will create good conditions which will make  let mildew become a permanent resident. The insulation of your home will not only prevent mould taking over the living space, but will turn your home into an energy saving household.

6. Use Cleansers

Cleaning EquipmentThe store-bought cleansers will certainly “kick” the intruder out but are extremely aggressive and harmful to people and animals. What you could do to protect yourself  is use a disposable mask if you try to tackle the home destroyer with similar preparations. It will prevent inhalation of toxic fumes which can easily damage your health.

However, most cleaning substances may destroy your new wallpapers or paint on the walls, notes cleaning company owner Jess Farinha.

7.  Nothing You Tried Helps?

If  mildew still continues to appear, you should turn to Bob’s Handyman’s skilled experts, as you might need a major refurbishment, like new insulation or repainting.They’ll provide the excellent results you, as a customer, expect and at a reasonable price. Thus you won’t have to deal with complicated renovation projects you don’t have the skills or experience for, so just relax and let Bob’s Handyman professionals do it for you.

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