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5 Backyard Upgrades To Make Your Summer Rock

Summer Day Backyard

As the days become hotter and sunnier, your desire to spend time outside grows and you’ve probably¬† already planned to refresh or upgrade your backyard recreation area. If you don’t know where to start from, our Bob’s Handyman Services’ experts have made up a guide with small home improvements which will help you with the task.

1. Why Not Add A Patio Set?

Summer Backyard Relaxation Spot

Consider it as an excellent investment. It might not seem like a very good idea at first, but a quality patio set will definitely repay you. It will spruce up and put some spark in your old backyard but will be the main outdoor relaxation spot for the cool summer evenings. What is more, placing a shade will turn your backyard in a small piece of heaven.

2. Outdoor Lighting

Backyard String Lights

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Not only is it practical, but the soft yellow light will make the relaxation spot even more pleasant. You have a choice between LED or solar lights to make the yard improvement more cost-effective. The LED lights will need electricity in order to work, so if you don’t have any properly installed outside power outlets or any at all, this step of the home improvement might become a little bit expensive.
If you’ve decided to use solar lights, you should just find a proper place to position them. Their only disadvantage will probably be the light they produce which is relatively dim.

3. Pathways

Stone Pathway

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If your backyard is fairly spacious you can make pathways. The choice between the shape and colour of the materials is all yours. You can choose between colour, material and shape. If you’re a fan of asymmetrical shapes and patterns, you can make seemingly chaotic patterns. You prefer wooden planks? Choose from a wide range of types of wood and colours. The main factor you need to take into account is if the wood will be weather resistant.

4. BBQ Area

Home BBQ Area

This is one of the backyard features you can use brick materials for. You can choose the colour and pattern of the bricks in order to match it better to the other elements in your backyard.

5. Don’t Forget The Plants

Plants in Backyard

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They are an essential part of the recreation area. What you should be careful for is the types of flowers, trees or bushes you’ll choose is their climate resistance. In other words, if you’ve chosen a dozen tropical and temperature-sensitive plants, they’ll probably wither. If you, however, have made up your mind to place tropical palms, you can place them in bigger pots. Thus the greenery can grow and, if necessary, moved indoors.

These little improvements will make your outdoor relaxation area more appealing and a place where you’ll spend the hot days and cool summer nights with friends and family. However, if you’ve decided to take the project up by yourself, you should think twice. First, it will take up a lot of your time in planning, purchase of materials, tools and similar. Second, and most important you’ll be risking your health, especially if you’re an amateur DIY enthusiast. That is why you should trust Bob’s Handyman Services’ expertly trained teams, so you don’t injure yourself while you try to install the outside lights or fix electrical power sources. We have all the tools, experience and skills necessary to make your home improvement ideas come true and let you spend your precious free time with your friends and family while we do all the hard work.

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