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A Comprehensive Guide for Choosing Kitchen Wall Tiles

Choosing Wall TilesPlacing tiles in your kitchen is one of the best things you can do for giving it a superior look. The process of choosing the tiles themselves might initially seem quite easy, but once you get yourself committed to the process, you will start realising the various technicalities involved. In other words, there are a number of decisions you are going to make.

The good news here is that this guide is going to enable you to choose kitchen wall tiles in an effective manner. It is a guarantee that if you follow all of the specified guidelines, you’ll be able to redesign your kitchen in the way you have always imagined. By now you may be thinking, “why do I need to fit tiles in my kitchen?” Well, the answer to this question lies in the superior protection and bolstered look which these tiles can offer. In addition to protecting your kitchen walls from all forms of bacteria, fungus and other related organisms, tiles also help you in adding an artistic look to your kitchen.

You’ll be able to cut down the cost of the entire process by making use of a DIY strategy – it all depends on what you want your kitchen to be. If you prefer to incorporate an ultra-modern look into your kitchen, then it’s best you hire the services of a professional. With this said, below are some tips which will guide you through the entire process.

Existing Furnishings

The first thing you need to do when considering tiles, is to take into account the existing furnishings inside your kitchen. Your prime aim should be to find those tiles best able to complement the spacing of the kitchen and the colour on the walls. Moreover, the colours which have been used on the cabinets should also be included in your consideration, as after all, every facet of your kitchen needs to be in coherence with the tiles. In short, choose a design that will best fit the overall scheme of your kitchen.

Stay Neutral

Neutral Colour

At the time of choosing the colours, it is recommended that you stay neutral. You would also need to make use of a glossy or matted look, especially if you plan to sale your home. Furthermore, if you plan to throw in a greater splash of colour, it would be optimal for you to select the brighter tiles.

Thinner Trimmed Tiles

In order to have a clean edge, it is best that you make use of the thinner trimmed tiles. It’ll be an easy job, if you follow all the steps in a consistent manner. Tile size is a matter of personal preference, but the size of the kitchen should be considered as well. Simply speaking, smaller tiles prove to be optimal for smaller rooms and vice versa.

Choose Darker Colours

The reason for selecting darker colours lies in hiding the effect of grout discolouration. This is something that is going to happen to the tiles over time, especially at the points where these tiles come into contact with water more often.

Stain Resistant

Stain Resistant Wall Tiles

Stains can cause a lot of problems, so it is a wise idea to select tiles which will prove to be stain resistant. Don’t be too tight with your money here, as in the end, a bad tile job will see you spending much more money than you were planning to save.

By using this guide, you’ll be able to avoid the various confusions and apprehensions which might discourage you from trying out anything new in your kitchen. Experiment, have some fun… and transform your kitchen with exciting new tiles!

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