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How to Fit a Cat Flap by Yourself?

Recycled Cat BedIf you are worried that your pet will get bored in your absence, then opting for a cap flap is the best option you have. But most of the people who install a cat flap usually get it done by a professional. The problem with a professional is that you’ll have to burn a hole in your pocket to get the job done. That’s why this guide will help you figure out the ways in which you can easily fit the cat flap all by yourself.

How to…

Now in order to do it yourself, you’ll need some things before you get started like a cat flap and other items like a drill, sandpaper, pencil, masking tape

To fit the cat flap by yourself, follow the steps given below:

  • Once you have assembled the materials required for installing the cat flap, it is time to measure the cat. It is really important because eventually, the cat is the one who is going to use the flap so that’s why we take its measure. Now to make sure that the cat is using the flap with ease, it is best to position the cat flap 3-6 inches above the floor.
  • While making the markings for the flap, it is always advised to mark in two different places, this way you can know that if your measurements are correct or not or if the positioning of the flap is perfectly aligned or not.
  • Make sure that the marking you have made is apt to position the flap in the mid of the door. There’s no particular reason for positioning it in the middle apart from the fact that it is convenient for the cat to use it. You can use the measuring tape and a pencil to make the markings. Use a ruler scale if you are looking forward to drawing straight lines.
  • Once all the markings have been made, it is time to fit the flap. This is where you’ll need the masking tape. Now, position your flap onto those measuring that you have made before and stick it to them using the masking tape so it does not move. Do this step very carefully so that everything goes as predicted.
  • Sticking the flap on the door with a masking tape probably won’t complete the job. You’ll be required to do much more than that. To make sure that the flap fits, you need to drill it on the floor. But before doing that, you’ll need a flat bit with a width wider than the jigsaw blade.
  • Now, once you are prepared for drilling, just do it on the four corners of the template which will allow you to see the clear holes at the corners. Once you are done with the drilling, you are ready to cut the flap shape with the help of a quality jigsaw. While doing all this, keep safety your number one priority. Since you are doing it at home, keep a medical kit handy just in case an injury happens.
  • Now, after cutting out the shape, take the template out and clean out the sawdust from the template. Once you do that, you are ready to go to the next most important step: Highlighting the opening.  Remember the holes you made before, now you are supposed to connect those holes with the help of a pencil. This is done to outline the flap opening.
  • Next step is sawing. Sawing is a risky task if you have no prior experience of using a saw. So, be very careful while handling and using the saw. Now before started the process, make sure that your door is closed. This keeps the door stable while sawing. Now start cutting along the pencil outline that you have made before. Try to maintain precision during all this as wrong measurements will lead to an ill-fitted flap.
  • Once the sawing is done, push out the block of wood from the door. You will see that there is a hole left, which you are required to tidy up. For that, you can use the sandpaper. A sandpaper can help you in smoothening down the rough edges. You need to keep on using the sandpaper until the door is finally smooth.
  • Now it is time to fit the flap. Before fitting the flap in the hole, make sure that everything went according to plan and measurements were correct. For that, you need to test the hole. If you can easily move the flap in and out of the hole, then you can continue towards the next step of fitting the flap. To fit, you need to make screw holes with the help of a drill. Make markings at four corners and drill deep holes for the screw.
  • This is the last step of screwing both the side of flap together. First, take one side and screw it to the door and after opening the door, attach the other side of the screws and use a nut and screwdriver to tighten the screws so that the flap does not move from its position. And after doing all this, you’ll be left with a fit flap that your cat can conveniently use.


To fit a cat flap all by yourself does not necessarily require any skill or qualification. All you need is the right equipment, right instructions, and safety measures to avoid any injury. If you are looking forward to installing the flap by yourself, try to be as cautious as possible and you’ll be able to safely enjoy the process. Bear in mind though, that you should do regular flea and worm treatment for cats, for otherwise, you will risk a pesky infestation. I case you still need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Bobs Handyman Services.

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