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8 Creative Christmas Decoration Ideas

Outside Christmas Decorations

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As winter holidays approach your desire to create unique decorations grows. If you’d like to make you home a little bit different this year, you can take advantage of the following adornment techniques.

1. Christmas Tree House

There are different spots you can decorate in order to have a perfect Christmassy yard. You can put lights and smaller ornaments on the tree house you’ve built for the kids . Choose a power strip which will be resistant to outdoor conditions and place it somewhere inside the house. Before you climb the ladder make sure it is stable enough, so you don’t fall and injure yourself. Make sure the lights have no defect bulbs and the cable rubber coat is not torn. To make your work process easier, place the tools into a bag so you can use you hands. Affix nails and use them as hangers. You can place a few Christmas toys or garlands as well.

2. Put Lights Everywhere If Possible

You’ve put lights everywhere possible? Did you think of the alley to your house? If there is no fence, this wouldn’t be a problem. The most suitable for the task are rope lights, as their thick cover makes them water-proof.

3. Bathroom

Christmas Scented Candles

You can even decorate your bathroom if you like. Just make sure the ornaments you place there are water-resistant as humidity will probably ruin them. Place apple and cinnamon-scented candles with little ribbons or similar.You can always shop online for Christmas-scented candles, if you don’t have the time to go on a shopping marathon.

4. Replace Bird Feeders

Change ordinary bird feeders with Christmas-themed. You can either buy it or make one yourself. Paint the little snowflakes, bells, stars or whatever else you want.

5. Gift Ornamentation

Turn ordinary boxes into present with wrapping paper and leave them on a pile in some corner of the living room or outside on the porch. If you don’t fancy this idea, you can hang them on strings from the ceiling. In case it is this is not possible scatter them in random rooms in the house.

6. Christmas Workshop

You can either buy one and assemble it or create it from scratch. Make a plan. Decide how big you’d like it to be and mark the height and width on the sheet of paper. Remember to buy a little more of the wooden material, as you might need it. Use holiday colours like green,white and red to paint it in. After the paint is dry place a short wooden sign which says “Santa’s Workshop”. The next step of this little DIY project would be to place a few elves, dwarves or any other Christmas-related creatures all around it.

7. Home-made Ornaments

You can use a lot of materials to create unique Christmas ornaments. Make dough from flour, salt and warm water (a tea cup from each). If you’d like you can sprinkle glitter on them and later coat them with Mod Podge. It will not allow glitter particles to fall out. Cut and make figurines, make small holes on their “tops” and leave them dry. Thus you can later thread a string and hand them. Thus they’ll become hard and you can paint the. Make garlands from wrapping paper. They’ll be unique and beautiful. What’s more they’re cheap and recyclable.

8. Call Professionals

If the festive decoration projects, like hanging large Christmas wall-art, collages, checking and fixing electrical sockets, are complex and require special handyman skills you’d better call Bob’s Handyman Services’ odd job experts. They are specially trained and equipped to carry out the difficult tasks. This way you’ll relax and do the rest of the tasks on your holiday to-do list.

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