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9 Brilliant Staircase Storage Space Ideas

Storage Space Solutions

Space is absolutely essential, especially if your home is not big enough to store all of your belongings. When you have used up every inch of your place and are looking for alternative small room hacks, the area under your staircase is one of the best solutions. Our Bob’s┬áHandyman London Service team have a few ideas to help you re-purpose the unused room.

1. Wine Rack

This is a perfect way to adapt the area under the staircase. With proper shelving, you can turn it into a mini wine cellar. What’s more, you can easily boast about your wine collection.

2. Cutlery Storage

With a few vertical shelves, you could store cutlery, if the stairs are close to the kitchen. You could place the items you don’t use all the time or those you just can’t fit in the kitchen. If you have difficulty with their installation, the Bob’s Handyman odd jobs experts is always ready to help.

3. Kitchen Pantry

The spot is ideal for storing canned goods and other food supplies. Floor-to-ceiling shelves with a stained door will keep the food kitchen pantry hidden, so you don’t have to worry the items will be easily seen. This will help you organise your home better and use every inch of the storage space to your advantage.

4. Reading Corner

If the area you’d like to re-model is in a well-lit spot in your home, you could easily re-purpose it into a book nook and spend the lazy Sunday afternoons. A banquette with a few soft pillows and a small light will work wonders.

5. Book Case

Stairs Bookcase Idea

In a certain moment there’s just no sufficient storage space for all these books and magazines. The problem can be easily solved with a built-in bookcase. This way you can free a few shelves in the other rooms and use them for other items.

6. Home Office Area

If you often find yourself working from home and need a spot to do it, an under stair-case office is one of your best options. Instead of a space-consuming desk, a folding wall-attached desktop. The rest of the wall space can be used to place a cork board or a few small racks for organising your office items.

7. Tiny Mudroom

Under Storage Staircase

If the staircase is near the entrance door, you can transform it into a small mudroom. To use t full capacity of the spot, the bottom of the bench can be used for storing hats and gloves.

8. Pet Corner

Regardless if it’s a cat or a dog, your pet should have a corner to itself, where they can rest , play with their toys or just hide for a little while. This they won’t use your open wardrobe as a hiding space and will make bring you one step closer to a pet-friendly home.

9. Kids Play Corner

Another way to adapt the spare room under the stairs is to turn it into your toddler’s mini playground. One thing you have to make sure of is you can keep an eye on the kiddos while you’re tackling your daily tasks.

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