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Handyman Safety: Using Hi-Vis Overalls To Stay Safe

Handyman SafetyToday’s handymen will need to be ready for the risks that come with their work.

Whether you are a professional handyman like the tradesmen at Bob’s or simply do DIY as a hobby, then you’ll need to know about all the safety concerns that come with your general day to day duties.

Today we are focusing on one of the most important aspects which is the uniform.

Anyone who works in DIY or even does it as a hobby should know all about how to dress safely for the job. The modern DIY man of today is actually quite lucky because you will have a lot of options when it comes to choosing what you wear and today I am taking an in-depth look at one of the better choices namely hi-vi overalls.

Hi-vis overalls are very popular when it comes to the DIY industry because they offer a variety of benefits that anyone doing DIY work will certainly find appealing. The right outfit for DIY work is important even if you’re just doing it as a hobby, but you’d be surprised how many people ignore it.

Yes, you can do DIY work in jeans and a shirt but just because you can it doesn’t mean you should does it? So, let’s look at why you should wear hi-vis overalls instead by examining the benefits in more detail, shall we?

* Increased Visibility

Let’s start with one of the most notable benefits of hi-vis overalls. It’s in their name, after all, increased visibility is very important when it comes to DIY work especially when you are working in a more professional capacity. If you’re working at height or in a more dangerous environment like a highway or train station then you will need to be visible in all kinds of conditions day or night.

Remember, while hi-vis overalls are very useful when it comes to ensuring you are visible during the darker hours of the day that’s not all they do. They also help you stay visible during the day as well and in conditions like heavy rain, snow, and fog. Whether you’re lone working or working as part of a team you’ll always be glad for the extra visibility that hi-vis clothing guarantees.

* Extra Protection

Working in DIY is rewarding, creative and fun but it is also one of the more dangerous occupations out there. You’ll be working with sharp tools, hazardous materials and could also be working in dangerous environments. But not all the dangers involve falling through an old floor or off scaffolding either. If you don’t want to end up a victim of medical negligence, then think twice.

There are smaller scale risks to think about when it comes to doing DIY work, for example, there’s dust from cutting materials, stray nails, sharp tools and much more to think about. According to the specialists at Electrics On Tap, that’s why the extra protection that comes with wearing hi-vis overalls is going to be so useful when doing DIY work. Your body will be better protected when you’re wearing hi-vis overalls, especially when combined with the rest of your safety equipment.

* Waterproof

Hi-Vis Waterproof

We don’t often think about the dangers of water when doing DIY work but we really should. Many people who do DIY work professionally will be exposed to the elements and rain can be a real hassle and danger.

That’s why the majority of hi-vis overalls will be completely waterproof so you can face the rain with confidence knowing that you’ll be warm and comfortable at all times, which is the perfect solution for water damage repair.

* Storage

The benefit of extra storage is not something that many people think about when it comes to hi-vis overalls but it’s worth talking about.

Hi-vis overalls will usually have a pocket or pouch that you can use to store small tools or supplies while you’re doing work. You won’t have room for everything of course but it will make your DIY work slightly more efficient because you won’t have to stop to put a screwdriver away you’ll be able to safely carry it in your overall’s pouch pocket instead.

What Else Do I Need To Stay Safe?

So, we’ve looked at the value of having a pair of hi-vis overalls but while they are certainly the main piece of any DIY professionals outfit you can increase your safety even more by combining it with the items below.

  • DIY Gloves: Sometimes called builders gloves or working gloves these stronger more resilient gloves are perfect for DIY work. They will protect your hands while you handle heavy materials and sharp objects like nails or screws.
  • Work Boots: Protecting your feet is very important to make sure you get some strong non-slip work boots. Whether you’re doing DIY professionally or just as a hobby these strong shoes will come in handy.
  • Safety Glasses/Goggles: Protecting your eyes is very important especially for jobs like sawing or welding where there is a higher risk of eye-related injuries.

Final remarks,

Regardless if a professional tradesman or DIY enthusiasts, safety clothing is a must. That’s why you should not risk your chances and prepare in advance, rather sorry when damage is beyond return.

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