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7 Genius Tips For A Pet-Friendly Home


Pets are one of life’s gifts and those who have one understand it completely. The little furry balls of cuteness get under your skin and manage to get away with practically any tiny or huge household damage. No matter how much you love them home apocalypses like these just have to end. So, how do you reach the happy medium where your place stays intact and your pet is happy? Well, the answer to the question is simple. You need to pet-proof the home. If you have no idea where to start from, here’s a useful list of tips to guide you through the process.

1. Regular Vacuuming


You thought it was a clever idea to buy a sofa which matches the colour of your pet’s fur? Well, you might have found a way to mask the flying fur disaster. However, you need to vacuum the rooms regularly at least three times a week. The regular vacuum cleaner will help you for the task. If you have any doubts regarding that you might buy one specially designed to clean pet fur.

2. Regular Grooming Is Essential

Cat Grooming

This is an absolute must. Your pet is literally a baby who needs to be kept clean. Bathe and groom the little rascal, especially if the breed is famous for its thick fur. In other words – the furriest breeds need more grooming and regular baths. You’ll both keep the animal clean and there won’t be any cat or dog hair all over the place. Another necessity is to trim their nails. Thus they won’t scratch the flooring, furniture or other precious elements from your interior décor.

3. Stain-Resistant Fabrics

Vinyl Wallpaper

Bad news. You should give up the idea for luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet. These are like a pet fur magnet. Unless you wish to clean hairs from all over your home a hundred times a day you can look for the “indestructible” fabrics. Those are basically smell, stain, filth and bacteria resistant synthetic textiles. There’s a way to protect the wall, too. According to Bob’s Handyman trusted and reliable painting professionals you can cover your walls with vinyl-coated wallpapers. They’re stain resistant and can be easily scrubbed with a sponge and soapy water.

4. Upgrade Your Bed

BedroomIf your kitty or puppy sleeps with you in your bed you should make sure the consequences of an accidental barf are minimal. For the purpose you can place a thicker pad on the mattress. When it comes to the choice of sheets you should choose cotton in a medium pattern and colour. This way you’ll hide pet hairs and stains. As far as bedspreads and duvets are concerned you can use them too, as they can be washed regularly.

5. Wall-To-Wall Carpets: Bad Idea

Rug in The Centre

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You might have chosen the perfect pattern and colour but it shouldn’t be wall-to-wall. Carpets and rugs are literally a trap for hairs and pet-related stains. You’ll just make it impossible to clean, as you’ll have to move everything in the room and get it cleaned or throw it away. If you really insist of a carpet in the room you can choose a low-pile one. Those are made of synthetic materials like nylon or olefin and used in office premises.

6. Pet’s Room

Dogs in a Small Room

It sounds a little bit too much but it is a good decision for several reasons. After you’ve installed a pet door entry so your cat or dog can come in they’ll go in their specially adjusted room. Logically it will contain essentials like food and water bowls, toys, pet beds and similar. Thus you wouldn’t have to pick up random objects from the floors or just stumble in them. There’s no necessity of a carpet. You can place tiles which are easily cleanable and save yourself a lot of trouble. You could still match colours to your pet’s fur so they’re not visible.

7. Toys

Cats Climbing

If you have a dog it would be best to buy a few chewing toys, so they don’t chew one of table’s legs. If you’ve chosen an adorable feline for a pet you might consider the purchase of a climbing tree and scratching post combo so they don’t ruin your furniture or curtains.

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