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11 Clever Decoration Tips For A Child-Friendly Christmas

Child-Friendly ChristmasAs winter holidays approach you come up with various decoration ideas. However circumstances change when you’re a parent, as you have to make sure your smiley junior will be safe. You haven’t probably thought about it before but now holiday decoration has to be child-friendly. Thus you won’t have to worry if the youngest member of your family will injure themselves.

# 1 Small Objects

Tiny Holiday Decorations

Regardless of they’re part of the Christmas tree ornamentation or something else they should be placed as high as possible. Thereby the toddler won’t be able to reach them and eventually try to “taste” or stuff their nose.

# 2 Hide Cables

Trunking System to Hide Cables With

Holiday lights are a very essential part of festive decoration. However, you should hide the cables so your little sunshine doesn’t get their hands on them. You can use foam pipe-like covers to secure the dangerous lights. It would be a lot better if you have an extension cord. You can switch it in a socket which is located higher so your child can’t reach it.

# 3 Christmas Tree

Stable Christmas Tree

If you’ve decided to place one, you’d have to carry out two essential actions. First, stabilise it so that you needn’t fear your junior will pull it down and injure themselves. One way to do this is install a hook on the ceiling and tie the top of the tree. Another useful tip is to place it in a corner where it will be visible from all angles. You can craft a rectangular wooden box with a hole wide enough for the tree to pass. Place the tree stand inside, and pile a few heavy magazines. Thus they will stabilise the tree.

# 4 Alternatives

A Christmas Tree Alternative Sticker

If you’re worried junior might prick their finger on the pine needles you can replace it with something more child-friendly. Attach Christmas cards on the wall, pre-order a sticker or make paper model in the shape of a tree.

# 5 The Star Ornament

Paper Substitute to The Usual Holiday Tree Top Toy

These pieces of decoration are fragile, sharp and, respectively, dangerous to children. Replace it with something less sharper like a small Christmas wreath or a paper ornament. Thus if it fall down the worst it could to the child is tap them on the head.

# 6 Table Cloth

Narrow Table Cloth

This classic part of the festive preparations has to be shorter. This way no matter what you put on the table the youngster won’t pull it down together with the table cover.

# 7 Quality Holiday Ornaments

Snowman Decoration Toy

No matter how safe they are, if they’re made from low-quality materials, they’ll probably be toxic. They might cause rash or God knows what else.

# 8 The Fireplace

Fireplace Screen Protector

If you have a built in hearth it will be best if you place a screen in front of the fireplace. Many of these are heat resistant so you needn’t worry if the kid will burn their hands. Make sure it is stable enough so it won’t fall on your little prince or princess.

# 9 Candles

Candles Put up High

Keep wax torches away from your child. Thus they won’t be able to push them down and set the carpet on fire. You can place the either on the kitchen table or on some high cabinet.

# 10 Keep An Eye On The Youngster

Kid's Playgorund Area

Regardless of how safe your decoration will be you have to keep the toddler away from mischief. For this purpose create a playground area. Make sure the playground spot is visible from all corner of the room so you can check what they’re doing.

# 11 Contact Professionals

As some of these projects require skills only an expert has it would be best to call a handyman service provider. They’ll carry out the tasks as quickly as possible at a minimal cost and you can be sure everything is child-proof.

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