Get All of Your London Odd Jobs Performed by Professional Tradesmen

Bob's Odd Jobs in LondonWhen you have some odd jobs you need to complete, London can be a difficult place to get reliable and experienced help. That's why, at Bob's Handyman, we maintain a team of highly trained and professional maintenance technicians who can be with you in a very short space of time. Odd jobs come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what you need a little, or a lot, of help with, the pros are the ones to turn to for effective assistance. Just take a look at our reviews page and you'll see what our other customers have had to say! All handymen are cheerful and smartly uniformed odd jobs experts with a multidisciplinary focus. This means that you can trust them to precisely complete a wide array of maintenance work, including, but not limited to:

Hanging and Wall Mounting

It sounds easy, but if you've ever tried to mount a TV on you wall, you'll know that sometimes a bit of professional help can go a long way! Here's where a professional odd job man in London comes in handy. You want to make sure that your precious technology or art work is safe and secure in its position, and you can rely on our dedicated handyman services to do just that.

General Maintenance and Repairs

No matter where you're based in London, our home maintenance services are a great solution for all of your general repair needs. From tiny bits of damage to major malfunctions, you can count on the team at Bob's Handyman to give you a perfectly working home or office again, as well as helpful advice about how to prevent the situation happening again!

Some of the odd jobs we can do:

Hanging Mirrors Shelves Pictures Tower trails/racks Ceiling fixtures
Mounting Lights Flat Screen TV Hangers and Racks Towel Bar Soap dish on the wall Shower basket and caddy
Fitting Curtains Curtain poles and tracks Blinds Handrails Shower Curtains Door hooks Door bolts and latches
Fixing Small areas of brickwork Grout Cracks on plaster Paving Garden gates
Installing Locks Doors and gates Cabinet and drawer handles Door hinges Bath screens Changing door handles Spy holes Cat/dog flaps

Book Your Professional Odd Job Man in London Now!

Simply call 020 3137 9380 now to talk to the advisory team about the odd jobs you need help completing. We'll surely be able to help, no matter the situation, and by having a chat with our customer advisers we'll be able to let you know how we can do it best. With us there are no hidden fees or surcharges with us. Our lines are open 24/7 too, so feel free to call at any time. Request a viewing and ask us everything you want to know - we'll talk to you as soon as possible. We also offer a select range of other services that might be of use to you, including our expertise in plumbing and our top electrical services.

Take a look at the most frequently asked questions from our customers:

A: Yes, we have professional construction ladders for jobs that need them. Of course, you’ll have to tell our customer representative the approximate height of the work, so the handyworker can come prepared with the proper ladder.
A: Yes, we use the most modern repair equipment and we always try to be 100% prepared for every task. You can be sure that the odd job professionals will bring every manual or power tool needed for the completion of the work.
A: Usually, the handymen bring a set of nails, screws, nuts and bolts, but they might not have the particular ones needed for the task. You have to make sure you supply those or pay the handymen to go and buy them from a local ironmonger shop.
A: Yes. It’s best you plan the needed work ahead and be prepared with the tasks before the handyman comes to your home. All experts are equipped with most of the tools needed for small repairs, but if you want something bigger done you should give them the information beforehand.
A: It's depends on the time a certain odd job usually takes. Our customer representative will give you a rough estimate of how long it would take one or two handymen to complete the job. We try to finish things as fast as we can and even do additional work for the time we’re hired. This means if a handyman finishes the work early, you can ask him to repair something else for the time left.
A: Yes, we can inspect your home and draft-proof your windows and doors. Depending on the current state of your property's insulation the results may vary. We care a lot about energy efficiency and the handyman can repair every crack and crevice to make sure the heat stays inside your home. Installing every kind of insulation is also possible you just have to ask our sales representative.
A: Yes, we guarantee every work the handymen have completed. If you notice a problem immediately after the job is done, please contact us as soon as possible and we will fix it again for free.